Final Transnational Meeting of the Tomimeus Project

Final Transnational Meeting took place at the beginning of this week in Cluj-Napoca (4th-6th of July 2022).  

The Project Consortium had two sessions of meetings on first and third day, and a conference of dissemination of the project results on second day.

First day of the Final Meeting: discussions on various aspects of the project and visit to the ”Romulus Vuia” Ethnographic Park

The discussions during the meeting were related to the project management, administrative and financial aspects of the project, intellectual outputs: development and implementation, discussions and outcomes, IO6. Guide of best practices. Relevant contributions – discussions and presentation and analytical workshop and IO7 Dissemination activities – Recommendations for policy makers. The participants had at the end final discussions and future plans to continue cooperation within further projects. The first and third days were hosted in Reduta Palace (the headquarter of the Museum in Cluj).

3rd day of the Final Meeting: future plans for the project

On second day, the projects partners participated at the conference of dissemination: Museum for all: Accessible and Inclusive, that was hosted by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

2nd day of the Final Meeting: dissemination conference

The project is cofinanced by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

Theme: Overlay by Kaira TOMIMEUS Project
Cluj-Napoca, Romania